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eDetailing refers to the use of computer technology to enhance or bypass the pharmaceutical representative's traditional sales call to healthcare providers. E-detailing saves doctors' time while cutting pharmaceutical companies' cost to serve. When applied effectively, e-detailing gives doctors the information they want faster. Now a days E-Detailing is getting more popular in UK. There are a number of practitioners of e-detailing, in Europe, perhaps most prominently Creative Lynx a Manchester based creative agency who have won awards for their work in this field.

eDetailing is good method of selling healthcare products to physicians in United Kingdom. It involves electronic communication between physicians and sales representatives. Either internet based or loaded onto a tablet PC, an e-detail is an interactive presentation which is backed up by robust CRM systems to allow for a tailored marketing approach for every single customer. Internet based e-detailing is seen by some as a method to overcome the challenge sales reps face to secure physician meeting, the e-detail effectively replacing the face-to-face contact.

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